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The race Venue is at South Lake Union Park, which is located at 860 Terry Avenue North in Seattle, WA.


South Lake Union Park is at 860 Terry Ave North, Seattle.  From I -5 take Exit 167 (Mercer). Take ramp under highway and continue on along Mercer.

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF PAY LOTS on Terry and beside the Center for Wooden Boats. They range from $5 per day to $8 per day on Saturdays.

FOR THE FREE PARKING: From Mercer turn right on 9TH Avenue North. You will drive past VALLEY and drive onto LAKE UNION TRAIL. Look right. The parking lot along the lake is free.

IF YOU HAVE THINGS TO DROP OFF. This is where it’s tricky. Again, you are driving along Mercer: Turn onto Terry Avenue towards MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry). It might look closed with big barricades due to construction. Drive across Valley, drive across train tracks. You will come to a MOHAI parking lot. If there are pay spots available, you can park there but probably you’ll just turn into the lot and drop off your stuff, leave a person to guard, and go park the car.

From Vancouver or Portland? How to get to Seattle

Bolt Bus
Bolt bus offers great service, free internet and comfy seats on buses from Vancouver or Portland to Seattle and return.

For those that love the train, book your tickets right into downtown Seattle at King Street Station.

Link Light Rail
Link Light Rail provides service from SeaTac Airport to downtown Seattle with 13 stops along the way.  The closest stops to the race venue are Westlake and Capitol Hill.

Seattle Streetcar
The South Lake Union Streetcar is a good option for people in hotels near Westlake Mall.  You can connect from the Link Light Rail or the Monorail and go right to the venue.