Race Day Information

Arrival and Check-in Procedures

All team captains must go to the Registration tent upon arrival on the morning of Race Day. Online waivers should be completed by that time, and rosters and any missing waivers must be turned in at that time.

Captains and Steersperson Meeting and Pre-Marshaling & Marshaling Area

The Captains and Steersperson Meeting will be at 7:50am. Pre-Marshaling Area is located at the west-end of South Union Lake Park and Marshaling will begin at 8:00am. Teams must be in the Pre-Marshaling Area 30 minutes before their race. Races start at 8:30 am.

Race Format

Every team will participate in 4 races. Recreational teams will have 1, 250m and 3, 500m races.  For novice teams, all 4 races will be 250m.

Tent Placement / Paddler’s Village

Your team will have a 10′ x10′ location on-site. We are fairly flexible about where you locate although you must be located in the Village. The paddlers village is located in South Union Lake Park at 860 Terry Ave N, Seattle WA.

Teams are responsible for providing their own tents that are limited to 10’×10′. Staking is not allowed so we will provide a way for you to secure your tent, if necessary. BBQ’s are not allowed in Seattle Parks.
A map of the layout at the racing venue is below:

Race Venue Map
Note that team tent placement is first-come, first-served, and the map shows where team tents may be placed.